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Autosave pages

While writing a few articles on brainyfront i lost an entire article because i accidently navigated away from the 'add page' page. That is the reason for the following added improvement: * Auto save pages. Pages are now auto saved every 60 seconds. You[...]

08-05-2019 14:00
Update update

* pages can now contain dynamic content. Dynamic content is the result of a search query. So you might say a page can now contain search result. A demo can be found here: [url=http://www.brainyfront.com/pages/articles-about-the-brainy-apps.html]http:/[...]

21-03-2019 16:00
Tuesday 19 March update

This update includes: * A page can now be exclude from search result and from the timeline. * Search home widget. * Lots of new CSS options (see Style section in dashboard) * Five new style sets. * Optional form submission can be displayed and viewed[...]

19-03-2019 13:42
A tiny update to do some fine tuning

I'v just uploaded a new update, a small one, but it was needed to fine tune a few things and get this project up and running more smoothly. * New form field validator: url/link, handy when you want to accepts urls in your forms. * Renamed applications[...]

15-03-2019 16:21
And we are online

It took me a little while, but i managed to upload the entire HelpRequest project to the new server. In the next few days i will spend fine tuning a few things and fixing a couple bugs. In the meantime have a cup of coffee, but feel free to come back[...]

14-03-2019 17:51